Fascism’s forgotten question.

What has fascism stand out most from among its 20th century competitors, they being liberalism and socialism, was that unlike these, it acknowledged totalitarianism’s universal inevitability as a consequence of the modern era and its advances in technology. By doing […]

Intrinsic deception in appeals to the masses.

It would seem the case that no matter what kind of appeal is made to a mass of people, whether it be democracy’s appeal to voters or capitalism’s appeal to consumers, simply by force of its being an appeal directed […]

Detached thoughts on women.

The following was originally posted on my private wall on Facebook, but I figured it to be good enough to be shared. I have a lot of thoughts regarding the “Woman Question”, some that are probably greatly unorthodox compared to […]

Theological incoherency of the Abrahamic God.

Jewish theology admits to the Abrahamic God’s incompatibility with divine simplicity. Tzimtzum is their attempt at addressing this problem, saying that all is simple, and that the cosmos only exists as a false paradox concealing God, but is really all […]


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