Detached thoughts on women.

The following was originally posted on my private wall on Facebook, but I figured it to be good enough to be shared. I have a lot of thoughts regarding the “Woman Question”, some that are probably greatly unorthodox compared to […]

Theological incoherency of the Abrahamic God.

Jewish theology admits to the Abrahamic God’s incompatibility with divine simplicity. Tzimtzum is their attempt at addressing this problem, saying that all is simple, and that the cosmos only exists as a false paradox concealing God, but is really all […]

Against Aquinas’ incarnate Christ.

The purpose of this critique will be to address Aquinas’ theology of Incarnation from Summa Theologiae, wherein he justifies by manner of metaphysics the incarnation of Christ. I will quote Aquinas and then follow with my remarks. In explanation to […]

Will to Power to Will.

On Nietzsche’s “will to power”, we might better rewrite it “will to power to will”. The accumulation of power can never be an end. An end entails rest, and power unexercised contradicts its essential act of motion towards end, so […]


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